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Jeremiah T. Abiade
Assistant Professor
jta@ uic.edu
Curriculum Vitae
Ph.D Students:
Chenlin Zhao
(Virginia Tech)
zhaochenlin@ gmail.com
Curriculum Vitae
Riad Alzghier
erz1973@ gmail.com
Curriculum Vitae
Sinpui Fu
fusinpui@ gmail.com
Curriculum Vitae
Mohammad Asadi
(Joint with Professor
Amin Salehi-Khojin)
masadi2@ uic.edu
Curriculum Vitae
Master Students:
Chen Chen
cchen215@ uic.edu
Group Alumni:
Dan Dsborne (MS) -------- Now Ph.D UT-Physics
Gordon Waller (MS) -------- Now Ph.D Gatech-MSE
Amy Bumbaco -------- Now Ph.D UF-MSE
Jelani Hannah(MS) -------- Now Ph.D MSE Case Western Reserve Univ.
Enrico Capellini(MS)
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