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Success Through Enthusiasm and Awareness of Materials Engineering Research (Project STEAMER) fulfills the education and outreach component of LORE activities. Project STEAMER is a research-based, educational and outreach program in which systematic mentoring, grounded in a rigorous scientific foundation, will be used to promote high achievement among ethnic minorities, women, and students from lower-income households. These students are traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields.

Through Project STEAMER, the PI and his students will use a systematic mentoring program adapted from the literature and his own experiences to motivate middle and high school students and undergraduates to pursue graduate STEM degrees. The major distinction of the educational and outreach activities of this effort lies in the centrality of research as a means for developing cognitive and behavioral traits necessary for success in graduate school and beyond. The goal of Project STEAMER is to provide a holistic, integrated learning experience. The fundamental principle of Project STEAMER is: Systematic mentoring is the effective coupling between teaching and learning in one aspect and between teaching and research on the other .
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